Advanced Dermatology and Skin Care Centre is proud to carry the Teoxane Cosmeceuticals, which is a specialized brand of hyaluronic acid-based skin care products. The skin care family of products is from Geneva and only carried by certain medical specialist offices.

Teoxane products use a special formulated hyaluronic acid that provides a hydrating layer on the skin surface. This helps to moisturize and tighten the skin while also helping to reduce visible signs of aging.

The main Teoxane product is the RHA Serum which has the moisturizing and antioxidant features that provide visible brightening and revitalizing along with a reduction in the appearance of skin fatigue. After using the RHA Serum for several applications, the complexion typically appears lifted, and fine lines and wrinkles diminished.

Come in today to discuss the various products in the Teoxane line and see which is best for you.