16051cutera_may12Laser vascular treatments rely on the principle of Selective Photothermolysis – the selective destruction of targeted vessels with the correct choice of wavelength, pulse width, and fluence. While the principle is well-developed, the challenge has always been to build a laser system that delivers the combination of parameters required for successful treatments across the broad range of vascular conditions.

The Excel V features an innovative delivery system that allows our physicians to tailor the treatment to the patient. The advanced handpiece delivery system provides the most treatment spot sizes available on any system on the market with enhanced visibility for the physician. The system also incorporates many modern features that enhance its use in the clinic. It has been enthusiastically received by many leading laser dermatologists.

(Before & After Photos courtesy of E. Victor Ross, MD, Joely Kaufman, MD,Cadell’s Laser Clinic and Greg Waslen, MD.)


If you are scheduled for IPL, CO2, Excel V or Picosure ensure that you avoid sun exposure a minimum of 4 weeks prior and 4 weeks following your procedure. Also, please ensure that this information is posted with the tab for each of the afore mentioned procedures.


Also, with PDT therapy ensure that one avoids sun exposure for 48 hours after the procedure.